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The Duel: Spring versus Winter, Dawn

Early evidence of warmer days grows between a rock and a hard freeze.

Six Word Saturday — March 6


Snow Buddies — socially distanced

Outdoor dining at Winnemucca Lake, Round Top Mountain ahead

Brian (aka Bushboy) — Last on the Cell


Nature deSaturated

Or color splashes in black and white


Icy Echo

Serenity on ice … socially distanced … frozen and docked … and the skaters still skate.

Bushboy’s Last Photo of December 2020


Hope Snag in Snow ©

At the top of the world, little grows in the dead of winter … and yet the sun brings forth hope.

Through Him all things were made


without Him nothing was made that has been made

Blown Away


Blown away ©

Winter’s a beach


As January should be

Needled Snow © … not as it is