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Architecture … Basically

Wrapped in scaffolding, before the final facade, framing the architectural interest for Sacramento.

Was the architect playing tic-tac-toe while designing this Seattle skyscraper?

San Francisco arches create a portal to the sky.

Lens-Artists #173 — Interesting Architecture

Heavy, chiseled columns dress up an outdoor shopping mall (originally posted in December 2012).

Tuesday Twice — December 14, 2012


Heavy Metal

Vibrant valves of old

Abandoned industry

Challenge Your Camera #3 Industrial

The Light was Good

Separated Light from Darkness (c)

and made separate from the darkness …

Tahoe Gold Rush

Letting the fall flags fly

9/11 Black Scars Over Manhattan

Black scars burned into adjacent concrete buildings remained even nine months after the attack.  The magnitude of this wound to Manhattan seemed overwhelming.