sights of life from a passerby



My Sierra

Woods Lake Hike

Take a hike


Blown Away


Blown away ©

Winter’s a beach


As January should be

Needled Snow © … not as it is


Dawn’s Light

Dawn's Early Light ©this land is my land

“Let the land produce … the wild animals …

"Let the land produce … the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals ..."

Reflections on the mists of creation.

Eye on You

Eye on You ©




“Let the water teem with living creatures … birds …

Water Teemed Birds 2014 ©

“Let the land produce plants and trees …

Created Flora ©    Created flora

“Let there be an expanse … sky

An Expanse ©

… Let the…dry land appear.”

Tahoe Gold Rush

Letting the fall flags fly

“Let there be light”

 … and there was light

the earth was vague …

formless and empty, darkness hovered

In the beginning … God

Jette 2012

Welcome, Dawn of the New Year, Golden Promise!

From darkness, leap over fog and into the heavens.

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.”  Rev. 21:1  (NIV)

Jelly Bell Ballet

Tentacles float as bells billow ~ jellyfish choreography in the underwater spotlight. ”’Let the waters teem with swarms of living creatures…”’

Sky Dancer on Pointe

in the world ~ above the world ~ not of the world